Sex, war, child snatching, and Valley of the Dolls... True tales of a precocious Tween in 1970s Texas -- Danny is eight going on thirty-eight – and now he's back in Texas after living in Cairo, where his Jewish dad has been using his good looks and wily ways to sell arms to the Palestinians. It's 1972. Israel and Egypt are still at war. Danny has gender issues and he creates pop musical fantasies that involve his absent mom. Plus, he still has a bit of an only partially innocent crush on an adult Muslim man back in Egypt. His family is a very mixed bag, where the inner and outer lives of the parents and kids collide—forcing them to lead double lives. Tragic? Sad? Not necessarily. Though Danny is the child of a family awash in physical and emotional abuse, ill-gotten gains, unfulfilled promise, and a dangerously criminal mindset (just like your family, right?), he's also inventive, funny, and indestructible. © 2017